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WarBot is a game where you have to fight off other toys trying to destroy you.  There is a twist however.  You must destroy all of them before your owner wakes up.  You will be faced with a limited (but not small) amount of enemies to fight in a short amount of time.  Good luck!


  • W/S - Move Forward/Backward
  • Mouse - Rotate Left/Right
  • Space/Left Click - Shoot
  • Escape - Pause/Play

[Developer Mode Controls]

  • F1 - Activate Developer Mode
  • F10 - Disable/Enable Sun
  • F11 - Disable/Enable Visual Effects
  • F12 - Activate Dev Cam
  • WASD (Must be in Dev Cam) - Move Around
  • Mouse (Must be in Dev Cam) - Look Around
  • Left Click (Must be in Dev Cam) - Kill Enemy

NOTE: This game is in beta! Many features will be added, changed, or removed.

Published Oct 20, 2017
StatusIn development
Tags3D, Low-poly, Robots, Top down shooter


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WarBot [Beta 4].zip 21 MB
WarBot [Beta 2].zip 20 MB
WarBot [Beta 1].zip 20 MB

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This is a great game. And the fact that your 14 years old and you made this is astonishing. The graphics are great and I like the way the ui pops up when you click esc or when you die. Very fun......  9/10 stars 


Pretty good! Two suggesitions: maybe make the room a tad bit brighter so it's not as hard on the eyes and maybe consider adding abilities like a forward dash, grenade, or an airstrike. Good starting foundation for a game.

Also the two starting bots don't seem to launch a projectile, but after they die the news ones do. 

Good luck getting the game out of beta!

Thanks for the response! I am currently working on these issues and more.  I am also trying to add more features, such as, more variations in  enemies, more obtainable weapons, and more.  Thanks for the lighting tip also, the room is supposed to be dark, as it is supposed to be night time, but do you think a color profile could make it look better?

Those sound like worthy additions. And that makes sense . . . I'm not sure honestly, and now that I think about it focusing on more features should triumph the art style. I'd leave that up to you as I don't particularly feel qualified to answer that, but I would say focus on the features first and then adjust the lighting. If it is easy to do you could add an option(s) in the menu, but don't let it prematurely capsize your project.