WarBot Beta 4 Release!

Forget Beta 3, In With Beta 4!

With all the new features and fixes, I have decided to go ahead and skip beta 3.  The most major notable change that has come with beta 4 is the graphics/aesthetics.  I have decided to make the room darker to simulate it actually being night time.  To accompany this change, and make it easier to see, I added a flashlight to the player.  I have also touched upon the games shading (shinier materials).


  • More items to obtain from dead enemies (with a chance of not getting anything)
  • New lamp on  the desk
  • More keybindings when in developer mode
  • The room no longer has a "sun" to simulate night time
  • Graphics improvements
  • There is now an "a.m." text beside the clock to make it look like a clock

While it is good to see new features like this, it is also important to fix "bugs", to make the game more enjoyable/fun to play.

  • Player no longer looks in the wrong direction when hovering mouse over an object
  • Enemy now acts like it has gravity (no more hovering)
  • Many More! (too many to list, and the fact that I can't remember them all right now)


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Oct 29, 2017

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